Mavic Crossmax onto Mavic 517 rebuild

DSC00376Mavic Crossmax were one of the first factory built mountain bike wheelsets to come out in the late 90s. They were super light back in the day and still make a great set of non-disc wheels 15 years later. One issue many crossmax users have experienced over the years is the rim cracking around the spoke holes. Unfortunately this seems to be a common problem with these Crossmax rims which lack eyelets.
John from retrobike sent us his broken rear crossmax complete with a 28 hole Mavic 517 rim. Fortunately this older mavic hoop is a direct swap, especially given the Mavic hub’s direct pull rear spokes. One nice easy build later the new 517 was back on and the wheel was on it’s way back to John, ready for 15 more years :D

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